Multiboard (Short Boards)
  • Multiboard (Short Boards)
  • Multiboard (Short Boards)
  • Multiboard (Short Boards)
  • Multiboard (Short Boards)
  • Multiboard (Short Boards)
  • Multiboard (Short Boards)
  • Multiboard (Short Boards)
  • Multiboard (Short Boards)
  • Multiboard (Short Boards)
  • Multiboard (Short Boards)
  • Multiboard (Short Boards)
  • Multiboard (Short Boards)
  • Multiboard (Short Boards)
  • Multiboard (Short Boards)
  • Multiboard (Short Boards)
  • Multiboard (Short Boards)

Multiboard (Short Boards)

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Marmox board Multiboard from 4 to 60 mm thickness - various applications. Use dropdown menu below.


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The original Marmox Multiboards are a time tested, multipurpose solution for waterproofing, insulating & drylining.


What are Multiboards made from?

Marmox Multiboards are made using extruded polystyrene, coated either side with fibreglass mesh which is embedded in a cement polymer mortar. Available in sheet sizes of 600mm x 1250mm or 600mm x 2500mm. Thicknesses are 4, 6, 10, 12.5, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60mm.

Total waterproofing

One of the most popular wetroom / tilebacker boards on the market, Marmox Multiboards can be used to coat floors, walls and ceilings in order to offer a full tanking solution. Being made from extruded polystyrene, which is a closed cell material, means that no water is able to penetrate Multiboards. They are totally waterproof!

BBA approved, Marmox Multiboards have a unique patented honeycomb surface finish which allows for ultra-strong adhesion and a pull of strength in excess of 100kg/m2, which is up to 5 times that of standard plasterboard. They importantly provide an effective decoupling membrane to prevent tiles and grout from cracking due to any horizontal movement in the floor.

Marmox Multiboard Wetroom

Insulation and drylining

Marmox Multiboards are a brilliant insulator and offer R Values from 0.11 – 1.67, depending on thickness, with a thermal conductivity of 0.034 Watts/mK.

Of course, Marmox Multiboards are not only for use with tiles. The boards are commonly used in many areas of a building, to line walls, floors and ceilings which may be in need of insulation. Simply run some Marmox mesh tape over the joints and they are ready to receive a coat of plaster. No special treatment needed. Just plaster directly onto them.

Marmox Multiboard 1


Underfloor heating systems

One of the most popular ways Multiboards are used as an insulator is with underfloor heating systems. 40% of heat that is generated by underfloor heating gets lost through a concrete floor, so insulating well is very important. Multiboards reflect heat upwards into the room which significantly reduces that heat loss and therefore, when using Multiboards in conjunction with an underfloor heating system, a warm floor surface can be achieved in just 20 minutes, as opposed to several hours if not used. Even the thinnest 4 and 6mm Multiboards will offer some insulation, although real noticeable heat saving starts at 10mm. Marmox Multiboards can support a weight of 40 tonnes/m2.

Marmox Multiboard Underfloor Heating


Construction board

Marmox Multiboards offer a full wetroom solution, this means that they can also be used to construct partition walls, bath surrounds, benches, vanity units, pipe boxing, steps and even curved shapes. With Marmox MSP360 adhesive and Marmox Corkscrew fixings it’s easy to construct just about anything your imagination with allow. Then just add tiles or plaster!

Marmox Multiboard Construction


External Use

Marmox Multiboards are certified for external use and therefore can be used as an external tilebacker board and also beneath a coat of render.


Marmox Multiboards External Render

General information

  • Recutable
  • Light and resistant
  • Compatible with all tiles
  • Ready to tile
  • Ready to plaster
  • Waterproof
  • Height adjustment
  • leveling
  • 10 year warranty
  • Thermal conductivity 0.032
  • Density 36 kgs
  • m3
  • Compressive strength: 3 tons per m2
  • Behavior in fire: Class E This new patented panel consists of an extruded polystyrene panel, a modified cement base mortar, and a fiberglass positioned on either side of the panel, on the outside of the mortar. This panel composition gives the products unprecedented advantages compared to standard cement-based construction panels on the market.

Specification Data

Multiboard is easy to cut and shape providing freedom of design and quick

4 MB 125 4 600
1250 9.9 0.06 165
6 MB 125 6 7 0.12 150
10 MB 250 10 2500 3.5 0.25 215
125 MB 250 12.5 2.7 0.33 150
20 MB 250 20 1.5 0.56 106
30 MB 250 30 1 0.86 75
40 MB 250 40 0.7 1.16 60
50 MB 250 50 0.57 1.47 45
80 MB 250 80 0.5 2.33 25


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