Marmox Fleece is a waterproof, crack-bridging membrane which also boasts decoupling properties. It is manufactured from a high quality polyethylene with a very high degree of tear resistance. Fleece of course is reversible giving equal bond strength to the substrate below as to the tiled finish above. The recommended fixing method is uncomplicated - simply use a good quality single part cement based flexible tile adhesive applied with a 4mm serrated trowel. All joints and exposed corner areas can be sealed using Marmox self adhesive waterproof tape.

Marmox Waterproof Fleece 1250

PriceFrom £35.00
  • Specification

    Marmox Waterproof Fleece

    1250mm wide continuous roll

    Minimum order 5 mtrs and subsequent 5mtr increments

    Maximum roll length 100 mtr

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