Easily create a sloping wetroom floor! Marmox  Showerlays are a vital part of wet room shower kit, comprising pre-sloped flooring panels with integral drainage used to create 'level access' tiled shower areas.

This 'point drain'  version can be either 20 or 24mm thick at the perimeter (subject to overall size) and has a square brushed stainless steel drain positioned in the centre of tray. 

For more information please click Showerlay 360

Marmox Showerlay 360 Centre Drain

Size - complete with drain kit
  • Specification

    Showerlay 360 Point Drain centre size options

    800   x  800

    900   x  900

    1000 x  1000

    1200 x  1200

    1500 x  1500

    1200 x   900

    1200 x   760

    All include Marmox point drain kit.

    Please also see our accessories section for other installation materials.

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