Minilay Point Forma gives the flexibility and freedom to transform any concrete floor into a tileable wetroom space allowing greater versatility for fresh bespoke designs. 

Point Forma is 120mm x 120mm (visible when finished) and comes with a choice of stainless steel designer grates.

The included waste gully is available in two options - our popular 360 swivel unit OR ultra shallow slim version - only 6cm.

Minilay is a drainage system which has been factory fitted into a height adjustable frame that sits within a small rigid board. This board provides a solid area immediately around the drain from where the shower floor can be continued with screed or additional boards.

An overlapping layer of fleece is added to the board thus creating a seamless waterproof joint with adjoining substrate.

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Marmox Minilay Point Forma

  • Specification

    Minilay Point Forma

    120mm x 120mm (visible when finished)

    Waste options -

    360 swivel unit

    Ultra slim unit

    Stainless Steel Grate options-

    Square design

    Round design

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