Marmox Corkscrew Fixings are designed to create a strong joint when bringing two of our Multiboards together at right angles - perfect for the creation of modular installations such as concealed cistern housings, vanity units.......even seating.......within your new bathroom environment.

Our corkscrews measure 100mm in length, with a thread guage of 15mm - perfect for use on boards 30mm - 60mm in thickness. A pilot hole is required to be drilled through the anchor board first, then manually screw the fixing through into the exposed polystyrene core of the receiving board. Powered drivers are not recommended as excess torque may simply strip out the core of the board, making the joint very weak. 

Fixings should always be used in conjuction with a suitable adhesive such as Multibond or MSP360 available here also.

Marmox Corkscrew Fixing - 50 Pack

SKU: M055
  • Specification

    Marmox Corkscrew Fixing

    100mm long x 15mm thread guage

    Pack of 50