Marmox Boxing is a quick and simple solution to conceal, insulate and waterproof pipework, cabling or unsighlty soil stacks. Marmox Boxing come as standard in 1250mm lengths. They are easy to cut with a knife or saw and can be fixed back using our MSP360 adhesive or mechanically fixed using Marmox Wall Brackets. Marmox pipe boxing comes flatpacked, with a double sided, waterproof, self adhesive tape situated within the fold to hold the board in place during installation its designed to produce a 90º right angle when folded.

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Marmox Pipe Boxing 1250mm

  • Specification

    Marmox Pipe Boxing is available in length 1250mm only.

    Size options -

    150mm x 150mm

    200mm x 200mm

    300mm x 300mm

    400mm x 200mm

    All sold in packs of 2 sheets