Exakt 14 Precision Saw has been extensivley tested on our new Slicedstone Mosaic product range with outstanding results. The detail and accuracy of cut with our smallest of mosaics - 50mm and 25mm - is why we are recommending this tool for use with our stone tiles. But not only tiles! This machine will perfectly cut and shape our board products too, making less clutter on site. A handy 1.2mtr Multi- Rail guide keeps it all on the straight and narrow.

The Exakt 14 is a hand-held circular saw, designed for easy handling and the ability to cut through a variety of materials.

With its interchangeable blades and variable cutting depth the Mini Saw can be used for:

Woods  |  Composites  |  Plastics  |  Ceramic Tiles  |  Aluminium  |  and more….

The latest model of Mini Saw from Exakt, the Exakt 14 combines the functionality of the original Mini-Saw along with numerous ergonomic improvements.

With a moulded body shape, comfort grip, semi-latching switch and re-curved guard-lock, the Exakt 14 is the most comfortable mini saw yet.

With a cutting depth up to 14mm, the mini saw is ideal for Tiling, Flooring, Wall cut-outs and other projects.

Exakt 14 Precision Cutting Tool + Kit

SKU: M250
  • Specification

    Parts List :

    Exakt 14 Precision Saw

    Three piece Multi-Rail

    Dust Hose

    Pipe cutting guide

    Four blades

    Carry Case

    The Exakt 14 Features:

    • Interchangeable blades
    • The guard encloses the blade
    • Variable cutting depth – up to 14mm
    • Single handed operation
    • Vacuum Extraction hose attachment
    • Safer than conventional circular saws
    • Cuts a wide range of materials
    • Specs:
    • Power: 350W
    • RPM: 4,000
    • Voltage: 230V
    • Blade diameter: 54mm (2 1/8”)
    • Weight: 1.2Kg